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That's it

Be proactive in business is a winning position! To take control of your business and ensure that you stay in business by achieving your goals, your best ally is a dashboard...



In the century of extreme computerization, it is surprising that many SME do not benefit from effective management system. If you need to make multiple entries of data to power... Suite

A management software that works for you!

It may seem complex and confusing to select the right software for your business. If your business is in the field of automotive and leisure vehicles then we are the experts to support you in this project. A simplified solution that delivers quickly results, and this at a very sensible prices, are you ready for it?

Recognized for many years, the management software L.A.R.S. and That's it are a unique duo. The first is an integrated computer system that manages all departments of your company and the accounting part as well. The second is a unique dashboard of its kind that allows you to make advised decisions at a glance. Together, these two management tools will lead you to new expectations!

With the benefit of our after sale service and our full support delivered by our experienced team, your management policy will be permanently up scaled, resulting in a rapid increase of your profitability.

Take a step towards a simplified and efficient management with tailored made software that fits your needs!

Clients Testimonials

Benoit Cadrin, General Manager
Adrénaline Sports
"It's an extraordinary tool that allowed us to take informed decisions. With That's It, each manager feels empowered towards the action plan…"
Jason Hamilton, General Manager
Nord Sud Honda, Honda Lachute
"That's It is a powerful tool that enables communication between all stakeholders…"
Christian Maltais, President
Maltais Performance
"That's it provides us day-to-day knowledge on how our business is doing and how we fare against our market…"